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150mm & 200mm AT Tire

150mm & 200mm AT Tire

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Introducing the perfect electric skateboard tire that strikes a balance between speed, comfort, and range

The 200mm electric skateboard tire boasts a larger wheel size, providing unbeatable top speed and greater ground clearance, making it perfect for those who love to skate on rough and uneven terrain. Additionally, the larger wheel size offers a more comfortable ride, allowing you to skate longer and farther without experiencing fatigue.

The 150mm Tire is perfect for those who prioritize range and acceleration. With the smaller size, you can enjoy a better connection to the road, making it easier to control your skateboard while you ride. 



200mm x 50mm 
150mm x 50mm 


Black Carve 3 Top Speed :
200mm AT Wheels + 60T Pulleys = 59Km/h / 36mph
200mm AT Wheels + 66T Pulleys = 53Km/h / 33mph
150mm AT Wheels + 60T Pulleys = 44Km/h / 27mph
150mm AT Wheels + 66T Pulleys = 40Km/h / 25mph




  • Works with ONSRA 150mm AT wheels
  • 150mm x 50mm
  • Long lasting
  • Great Grip
  • Fits rims up to 50mm width
  • max. 3 Bar / 45Psi pressure
  • Fits any normal AT Hub

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